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Estate Services

Many homes being sold today belong to people who are retiring, downsizing, relocating, or have an estate to settle due to ill health or a death.  In some cases, families may be already living in other states or cities and find it difficult if not impossible to manage such a task as moving their life's possessions (or those of a loved one).


Charli and Company can ease the burden of this responsibility by managing every aspect of your moving needs with all the experience and flexibility that is required for each situation. Combine our exclusive system of clearing out and categorizing all the items in your home with the tender loving care they will receive and you have a winning combination that will surely make your life easier!



Charli Hill is a licensed and bonded Estate professional who provides reliable and trustworthy counsel to help people with personal property disposition.  She often works with individuals who are dealing with emotional trauma of illness, death, divorce, relocation downsizing and more. She is able to assist them in appropriately removing and disposing of the contents of the home, appraisals, and organizing the contents for an estate sale or other means of liquidation that is established for each individual need. Items that can not be sold are donated to various charities in the area or otherwise requested by the individual or family. She will meet with you at the home to learn the scope of her involvement.  


Her approach is one of care and compassion for each individual she represents. Her hallmark is integrity and dependability when providing these services. Charli includes the specialized services of other professionals to supplement each need of her clients from banking, accounting, insurance professionals, legal, real estate professionals/rental specialists, antique dealers, property maintenance professionals, packers/movers, photo-video specialists, and much more.


The services Charli provides are a turnkey process and can empty the contents of the average estate within three days to a week. Skills and services are customized for each client’s individual situation or professional need. The cost of services are determined after a consultation session. Please call today to schedule your consultation. 903-432-9190. References Available Upon Request. Charli is a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers and The Greater Cedar Creek Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Services Offered:

  • Photo Inventory

  • Organizing/Clean Out

  • Legal Counsel Available

  • Estate Sales/Liquidation

  • Moving Coordinator

  • Downsizing/Relocating

  • Packing/Unpacking /Shipping /Moving

  • Preparing Property for Selling, Inhabiting or Maintaining

  • Liaison for Families with Disbursement of Estate Items

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